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FREE DOWNLOAD! Mad Math Minute-AND-A-Half, Addition Worksheet.

Do your children need help with their addition math facts? There is no better way than to practice, practice, practice. These “Mad Math” worksheets are a part of our morning routine and my kids love them! They love beating their old times and goals! It is very motivating for them and really helps their confidence.

How do we use the sheets? I set the timer for 90 seconds and they begin. They complete as many as they can within that time. If they get done before 90 seconds they raise their hand and I write down their time. If the timer end and they still have problems left to do, they draw a line after their last completed problems and they complete their paper. I then write down how long it took them to finish all of the problems.

Doing one of these worksheets each day really will help so much! Both my kindergartner and fourth grader do these. Yes, my fourth grader has known her math facts for a few years now but I like to keep her skills fresh!

Do you think these would work well for your kids? Download them here.

Addition Mad Math Download Here.jpg

I will be adding the subtraction, multiplication and division worksheets too! Be sure to
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