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FREE – Printable Chore Chart For Kids – And Adults Too!

Are you looking for a super easy system for organizing chores for your children or even for yourself? This is it! Seriously, it couldn’t get easier – and its FREE! What more could you ask for, besides maybe a maid. Don’t we all wish? Okay, back to reality. First, let me explain how to use it. Let’s refer to the sample list below, of things that need to be done for the week. Obviously, everyone’s list will be different, week to week but here is a list that I created, for example purposes.

Sample List:
1. Dishes
2. Clean Kitchen
3. Sweep Floors
4. Dusting
5. Feed Pets
6. Laundry
7. Prepare Meals
8. Clean Bathrooms
9. Mop Floors
10. Mow Lawn
11. Weed Garden
12. Water Plants
13. Take Out Trash
14. Wash Windows
15. Bathe Pets
16. Clean Refrigerator
17. Clean Blinds
18. Shampoo Carpets
19. Wash Cars
20. Vacuum Carpet

Okay, so you have your list of everything that you need to get done for the week – and it’s intimidating, isn’t it? I mean after all you may have a job, meetings, kids to take care of, sports, etc… Plus the list never seems to end. It doesn’t have to be intimidating. Don’t stress yourself, and everyone around you out – by going day to day rambling out things everyone in your household has to get done as soon as they walk through the door from work/school. Let me help you!

Set expectations at the BEGINNING of the week, divide and conquer. Sounds simple enough, right? I promise, it really is – that simple! Below is a sample of dividing up the list. You can do this any way you’d like. Say two people are responsible for the same job, on different days. That’s fine, add it to their list and you can check off what days they are responsible for, that task.

Sample List Mom:
1. Clean Kitchen
2. Prepare Meals
3. Laundry
4. Clean Refrigerator
5. Shampoo Carpets
6. Mop Floors

Sample List Dad:
1. Wash Cars
2. Mow Lawn
3. Bathe Pets
4. Take Out Trash
5. Sweep Floors

Sample List Child 1:
1. Load Dish Washer
2. Vacuum Bedrooms
3. Dust
4. Weed Garden
5. Put Away Your Laundry
6. Make Your Bed
7. Tidy Your Room

Sample List Child 2:
1. Clean Blinds
2. Feed Pets
3. Clean Bathrooms
4. Water Plants
5. Wash Windows
6. Put Away Your Laundry
7. Make Your Bed
8. Tidy Your Room

Chore Chart Sample
If you don’t do allowance, don’t worry – the money column can be used for screen-time minutes, stickers or any reward that you choose! Just place a sticker over the money symbol and use it as you wish. Now head over to the link to get your download! I recommend laminating it, to use it over and over again. Enjoy!

Download Here

Do you have any special requests or ideas for future freebies? Leave them in the comments below! I love sharing my baby, nap-time creations with you. My littlest is down to one nap, for three hours and it is heaven. #mombreak


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