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FREE Digital Download!! Shark Unit Study.

Are you studying sea life in your homeschool this year? Yes? Then this is the perfect unit study for your classroom. My children loved the shark unit that we did this year! How did we put ours together? I set it up like a book. I purchased watercolor paper and incorporated art with it by having them paint each of the sharks based on how their features were described in each lesson. Then, once you’re finished with the unit, you can take it to an office supply store to have the binding put in.

Download Here

What’s included? 

  1. Shark Unit Study Planner
  2. Bull Shark Fill In The Facts
  3. Great Hammerhead Shark Fill In The Facts
  4. Great White Shark Fill In The Facts
  5. Tiger Shark Fill In The Facts
  6. Whale Shark Fill In The Facts
  7. Parts of a Great White Shark
  8. Shark Facts Worksheet

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