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FREE Digital Download!! Letter Recognition, printable book.

Does your child struggle with letter recognition? Or maybe, mix-up letters that may look similar? This is something that I put together for my daughter, to prepare her for Kindergarten and we love it, so of course I want to share it with you!

They don’t recognize most of their letters yet? That is OKAY! Say them with them each day and eventually they will be doing it on their own. This is a great morning activity while their brains are fresh and alert! Spend up to 15 minutes each day on these. If you have a younger child or if your child’s attention span is short, break it up and do 5 minutes, three times per day. Eventually, your child should be able to do each sheet in thirty seconds or less.

Please remember to make this fun! When learning is fun, they will want to do it. When they enjoy what they are doing, they will succeed.

Download it here!

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