One Gallon Fluffy Slime!!

Yes, ONE whole gallon of glue to make fluffy slime! They have been bugging me to let them make this for a while now. I picked up the supplies today and surprised them.

Want to make it with your kids? Check out the recipe below.

One Gallon Fluffy Slime

1 gallon of Elmers Glue

4 cups of hot water

2 bottles of contact solution

2 bottles of Barbasol Shaving Cream

10 Tablespoons of Baking Soda

Food Color (Optional)

Glitter (Optional)


First, pour the glue into a large bowl. Mix in the food coloring and glitter that you desire until completely mixed. Mix the hot water and baking soda into a separate bowl until baking soda is completely dissolved. Slowly add the water/baking soda mixture to the glue until completely mixed in. Next, add in two bottles of the shaving cream. You don’t have to add both, it is completely up to you. Lastly, add in the contact solution and keep folding it in until it is no longer sticky.

Hope your kids have fun making this. Mine won’t stop playing with it.

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