DIY Collage Wall

So ever since I made this collage picture wall, I get asked how I did it every time someone sees it so I figured I’d make a blog post about it.

So first I ordered about 200 4×6 pictures for this space and I didn’t use all of them. I just wanted to be sure I had enough. I bought Modge Podge, the biggest container I could find.

So, my walls are textured so I put a thick layer of the modge podge on the wall using a paint brush in the space that I was going to place my picture and then placed the picture down using a card to press out all of the bubbles. Then paint a good layer over the photo and wall to seal it to the wall. I did this for every photo individually.

It will have a white film over it. Don’t worry, it dries clear with the texture of the paintbrush which I personally love!

That’s really all it takes. Except lots of cutting to make them all fit exactly how you want them to!

Hope this was helpful!


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