Santa visits the girls

Santa came to our house this year to visit with the girls and there were no tears! They put in their requests and let’s just say I am not so sure they will be fulfilled this year. Sophia would like a DSLR so she can be a photographer like mommy. Mia wants a unicorn, a real one! Little miss Filomena just wants Santa’s beard. She just wanted to pull it, taste and test if it was real! Santa wrote them all sweet notes and let them know gifts from Santa will be waiting for them when they arrive in Hawaii.

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With our big move fast approaching it was best to ask Santa to put off the gifts until we arrive in Hawaii since movers are coming to pick up our things soon! They will be receiving a few things from Mom and Dad on Christmas day. Mostly things that can be packed in their suitcase and that they need. New swim suits, summer clothes and boogie boards. They have close to no summer clothes. Living in Alaska for almost 7 years, there was really no need for any. Even in the summer it isn’t really shorts and tank top weather.


The kids lists since seeing Santa have grown longer. They want a house on the beach, a swimming pool, a vlog camera, LOL Dolls, a paddle board, boat, beach toys and a pink doughnut inner tube. They received many gift cards from friends and family for Christmas and are so grateful. I told them they can start saving them for their beach house! Hopefully they get one with a room for dad and I.

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