Filomena month FOUR update

How has time gone by so quickly? She is growing so quickly. Not so much in size, still sticking around 13.5 pounds but her personality is growing for sure! She is very vocal now. She likes to yell, not so much out of anger. More so out of liking to hear her own voice as well as being heard. She makes her self laugh by how loud she can yell.

She is not quite the sleeper that Sophia and Mia were. She sleeps in the basinet next to our bed from about 8 until 3am then she like to sleep in bed with me and nurse until 9am. Then she wakes up as if she is starving! We started her on mashed up bananas, avocado, apples or pretty much whatever is on our plates (fruit and veggie wise). I’m not really big on the whole “baby food” thing. We have fruits and veggies so I just mash them up and let her try them and let me just say, she is a fan of food for sure! She has also learned when she is extra hungry she can grab her toes to eat too. When we are out and about I do find it convenient to use┬áthe baby food pouches. We use the Happy Baby ones since I really love the clear pouch!

She is starting to do the belly crawl and loves tummy time. It took her until 3.5 months to roll from belly to back because she enjoys being on her tummy so much. Daddy is encouraging her to crawl and I am hoping to keep her immobile for as long as I can! Well at least until we our in our new home and it is somewhat baby proofed.

Whitney Houston is a big deal in our house when it comes to falling asleep. I have no idea what it is but I turn Whitney on Pandora and she is out in about 10 seconds. We joke that is the reason she is so fond of yelling and hearing herself yell. She thinks she is a singer. She definitely has some practicing to do.

We are debating on if her first word will be mama or dada but I am pretty confident it will be mama. Ever since she was born, when she cries she “says” mama but we haven’t counted that of course since it is just how she cries. It is just kind of a sound she makes every time she cries. She is a crier though so she has plenty of practice with saying it!

Filomena has Sophia and Daddy wrapped around her little finger and they pick her up at any sign of a whimper. As soon as Sophia gets home from school she runs up the stairs to pick up and cuddle her sister. Mia on the other hand doesn’t take the crying very well. She just says “Give that baby the boob and make her stop crying! She is being too loud!!” She loves to hold and cuddle her for about 47 seconds and then says “Take her, she is mean and pulls my hair.” I think in about 9 months they will have a much closer bond. Until then, just pray for peace and my sanity.

She is working on sitting up and is getting pretty close! So check back for our next update on our little miss. She is very determined.

– Samantha


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